Welcome to Del Mar Tan, Custom Heated Spray Tanning!  Where I offer only the best custom heated airbrush tans.

Living in Southern California and having naturally fair skin, I was dying to keep up with all the beautiful tans!   I take interest in my skin being an esthetician, and with a history of skin cancer running in my family, I knew I had to find an alternative for a natural looking tan.  I am a mother of 3 children and could not take the risk of UV exposure. After trying several spray tans and lotions throughout the past 15 years, and being every shade of orange and brown you can imagine, I finally found a product that not only provides a beautifully natural looking tan, but also is enjoyable to get! 

Del Mar Tan offers a heated, customized tan, and uses solution with natural ingredients.  Since the heat allows the skin to stay supple and absorb the solution, it leaves you with the perfect color and temperature. You will leave without the sticky feeling or strong smell most spray tans come with. I believe in using the best products on the market for my body and skin, and I would want my clients to receive the same.  Now you can have a natural looking tan that is customized to your skin tone without risking skin cancer, age spots, and sun burns. Plus, it only takes minutes to achieve! 

I pride myself on providing the best custom spray tan experience because it’s what I specialize in and its something I strongly believe. Come and experience the new, heated way to get a custom airbrush tan!