New Pricing Revealed

New Pricing Revealed

Del Mar Tan – New Pricing Revealed

I am so excited for Del Mar Tan’s move to Encinitas and I am even more excited to finally reveal the new pricing and changes to services!! Del Mar Tan can now say we offer the BEST pricing in North County for custom heated airbrush tanning. We are proud to carry the best airbrush system, solution and products. The system we use is the ONLY heated airbrush system on the market and the solution is made of natural ingredients.  The solution is applied warm along with a warm air to dry. This is extremely beneficial because the heat allows your skin to stay soft and supple and absorb the tan more evenly while you are actually enjoying your spray tan and not freezing with goosebumps!  We have amazing scents to choose from so you don’t have to smell like spray tan and we have exclusive additives such as Violet, Rose and Bronze to customize your color to perfection.

As of February 19th, 2018 we will be taking appointments in Encinitas only and the prices below will be in effect. So be sure to book your appointment ahead of time!

The Cardiff:  Full-body heated airbrush tan including Pre- pH balancing treatment, custom mixed color, and scent of your choice  $45 Now $35

The Solana Beach: Full-body heated airbrush tan including Pre-pH balancing treatment, custom mixed color, scent of your choice, and violet additive to remove any tint of orange $50 Now $40

The La Jolla: Full-body heated airbrush tan including pre-pH balancing treatment, custom mixed color, scent of choice, violet additive, 4hr accelerator $55 Now $45

The Del Mar: Full-body heated airbrush tan including pre-pH balancing treatment, custom mixed color, scent of choice, violet additive, 4 hr accelerator, anti aging and skin firming additives, and post color lock moisturizing treatment  $60 Now $50

This is where it gets really exciting! Buy a package and save huge!

PACKAGE PRICING CHANGE (Based on The Cardiff tan)
4 tans – $150   NOW $120 | $30 per tan (save $20)
8 tans – $280  NOW $220 | $27.50 per tan (save $60)
10 tans –  $330  NOW $250 | $25 per tan (save $100)
Customize your package and add on any of the service below ahead of time or take it tan by tan and decideAdd Ons:
Accelerator: $5    Violet Additive: $4    Shimmer: $3
Anti-Aging:  $3     Skin Firming: $3

I will also still be providing mobile tanning for those who prefer the convenience of getting a tan in the comfort of their home.  Please call or text for mobile tan prices. Thank you all for your support and I look forward to seeing you soon!


Del Mar Tan Moving to Encinitas

Del Mar Tan Moving to Encinitas

Del Mar Tan Moving to Encinitas on Feb 19th!

Happy New Year to all my amazing clients! 2017 was such an exciting year for Del Mar Tan! I opened my first tanning studio in the heart of Del Mar and I had the pleasure to meet so many amazing clients… many that I can now even call friends.

I will be relocating my studio this year to beautiful Encinitas!  I have a lot of exciting new plans for 2018, and I am in the process of turning a space in my home into a beautiful spray tan studio. I also plan to put my Esthetics license to use this year and start providing other services such as waxing, facials, chemical peels, and other skincare treatments!

Beginning February 19th, I will be taking clients in Encinitas only.  I am so excited to be able to do what I love out of my home, and with this change it will not only benefit me being closer to my small children, but will benefit you as well. As most companies have to raise their prices, I will have the ability to slightly lower mine since my overhead costs will be changing.

I will be located right off Encinitas Blvd, so only 3 minutes from the I-5 freeway. I will be able to expand my hours and be much more flexible taking early morning, late night, and last minute appointments.

I plan to host tanning parties that you may set up with your friends, and I will provide appetizers and champagne! I also plan to continue mobile, and provide that at a better price as well! I am so so passionate and excited about what I do and I love being able to offer a high end and high quality heated spray tan for an extremely affordable price!

For any questions please feel free to call or text me personally at 760-334-1088. I will be giving out the address on an appointment only basis.  Again, I will be doing business in Del Mar until Friday February 16th, and starting in Encinitas Monday, February 19th. 

Please be sure to check out my Yelp! And if you refer a friend, you receive 50% off any tan of your choice!

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for helping support my small business!


Now Carrying “Antica Farmacista” Luxury Fragrance Line

Now Carrying “Antica Farmacista” Luxury Fragrance Line

Del Mar Tan Now Carrying
“Antica Farmacista” Luxury Fragrance Line

Need a great gift idea for the holidays for friends and family? Looking for some new yummy products for you to enjoy? Well we have exciting news! Del Mar Tan is now carrying the luxury fragrance line Antica Farmacista! Antica Farmacista offers a wide variety of products for the home and body with the most amazing fragrance blends. We now carry body wash, body butter, reed diffusers and much more! These are great to have for you to enjoy and they also make the PERFECT gift!

I personally have been using this line myself for 2 years now and love the way it makes my skin feel. The products are very moisturizing and the blends are to die for! My favorites are Orange Blossom Lilac & Jasmine, Prosecco, and for a more masculine scent I love Sandalwood Amber. The best is that there is a scent for everyone! Come in and check out the products.  I am doing an exclusive offer for clients: 20% off Antica Farmacista on day of tan, through December 31st!  Take advantage of this great deal because you cannot find that discount on this product line anywhere!
Del Mar Tan Offering New Violet Additives

Del Mar Tan Offering New Violet Additives

Del Mar Tan is so excited to announce a new additive! We now offer an amazing new Violet Additive.

Spray tans have that reputation of being “orange” Well not anymore! If  your skin is the type to pick up on orange tints, just add this violet additive and it takes out any orange and creates a more radiant, deep mocha color tan. Its the same concept as purple shampoo. Purple is exact opposite of yellow on the color wheel, which is why it cools the gold/brass tones down. Same for a spray tan!

I have been using this for the past month and clients are raving about it!

“By far the best shade I have ever gotten from a spray tan” -Lisa G.

“I have gotten several spray tans from Mackenzie and recently she added this violet additive for me to try. I LOVE it! It made my tan even more natural looking that it did previously! Like I just stepped off the beach!” – Nancy M.

“Love, Love Love the new violet additive. It made my color more brown and made a huge difference in my wedding photos” – Shelby W.

Make sure to ask about it during your next appointment!

Offering New Additives

Offering New Additives

Del Mar Tan Offers New Array of Booster Additives

Del Mar Tan is excited to offer a whole new array of additives to boost your custom Spray Tan! Ask about them at your next appointment.

New Scents: Pineapple and Orange Ginger

DHA Booster: These new 50% DHA drops are designed to give that extra boost of darkness and customize any individual color.



Opalescent Drops: When this product is added to the spray solution it produces a “glowing” effect. These drops are a wonderful addition to your beautiful custom spray tan. Simply add a few drops to your solution for a night out on the town or to add a little shine to your day.

Skin Firming: A cutting edge formula designed to tone and tighten the skin. These drops help with appearance of cellulite over time.  The skin firming solution contains a couple of very beneficial ingredients:

Caffeine – this ingredient helps to provide instant skin tightening for your clients.
Silicia – very important for maintaining the firmness of the skin and for smooth and taut skin.


Anti-Aging:​ A revolutionary formula that aids in both the prevention and reduction of the skin’s aging process. This solution will tighten the wrinkles on the skin, giving a beautiful, refreshing, younger look to your skin.

How does the anti-aging additive work?

The key ingredient in the anti-aging drops is pea extract, also known as pisum sativum.  This ingredient helps to protect against the deterioration of skin proteins, which is the skins natural aging process.  As the skin ages it loses its elasticity.  Pisum sativum, pronounced PEE-sum sa-TEEV-um, helps to prevent this process by aiding these proteins and slowing down the deterioration process.

Now carrying South Sea’s Products

Now carrying South Sea’s Products

We are now carrying South Sea’s products and one particularly exciting one is a new Tan Approved Sunscreen SPF30 designed to preserve your spray tan!