Del Mar Tan offers 4 amazing Tan Selections:

Our heated, customized tans use a solution with natural ingredients.  Since the heat allows the skin to stay supple and absorb the solution, it leaves you with the perfect color and temperature. You will leave without the sticky feeling or strong smell most spray tans come with.

The CARDIFF – $35

Custom Full body heated airbrush spray tan that includes Pre-Sunless color Balancer and choice of Aroma drops.


Custom Full Body Heated Airbrush Spray Tan that includes Pre-Sunless Color Balancer, choice of Aroma drops, Bronzer Additive, and Post Moisturizing Lock Solution

The LA JOLLA – $45

1 Full Body Heated Air Brush Spray tan that includes pre-sunless balancer, choice of aroma drops, ACCELERATOR additive and post moisturizing lock


The Del Mar Premiere is a rapid Heated Airbrush tan that includes the pH primer, accelerator, a scent of your choice, bronzer of your choice, and the post tan conditioning spray, which locks in the color and moisturizes your skin.
Every time you purchase any tan or package, you receive 20% off all retail products for that day! Now you can have a natural looking tan that is customized to your skin tone without risking skin cancer, age spots, and sun burns. Plus, it only takes minutes to achieve!

The CARDIFF Tan Packages

4 Tans  –  $120.00 (savings $20) price per tan $30.00

8 Tans  –  $220.00 (savings $60.00) price per tan $27.50

10 Tans  –  $250.00 (savings $100.00) price per tan $25.00

Partial Tans:

Face & Neck: $12

Upper Body (waist up including face): $20

Lower Body (waist down): $20


Accelearator: $6

Violet Additivce: $4

Shimmer: $3

Mobile Tan:

Make a party of it!  Get your friends together for brunch, cocktails, or just because, and have Mackenzie conveniently come to your location and provide custom airbrush tans for all!

Mobile Tans are offered for groups of 2 or more people getting tanned.

Price per tan is $65 for regular and $70 for accelerator per person. Price goes down with each added person.


Email or call 760-334-1088 for more information!